Over the past 50 years, human understanding of science has grown exponentially.  It is widely accepted, even among the most studied athiest scientists, that our universe had a beginning and was created by an outside causal agent.  Keeping this information in mind, the question now becomes, what or who created the universe?

Does Science Disprove OR Support Scripture?

New Understanding of DNA Reveals GOD

How Does Science Prove GOD's Glory?

Is the Bible a Book of Myths OR is it Validated by History & Archaeology?

Cold Case Christianity

Christ Revealed

Is Belief in GOD for Weak Minded People OR Does GOD Fill a Divine VOID Built Within Us?

How Our Conciencness Points Toward GOD.

Isn't Faith Just for the Weak Minded?

Did GOD Create Evil OR Does Human Free-Will Manifest Pain and Suffering?

Why Does an All Loving, All Powerful GOD Allow Evil?


How you respond to victory and failure are more important than actually winning or losing.  Sometimes it's easy to get disappointed in God's plan because it is different than ours.  His plan is always better than ours. 

Tony Dungy

Superbowl Winning NFL Coach 

Church was more of a tradition for me when I was younger.  I did not have a personal relationship with the LORD.  When I step on the floor now, I want people to know who I represent and who I believe in.

Stephen Curry

NBA Champion and MVP

When people are going through tough times and feel like they have nothing to hold on to, they do in Jesus Christ.  There are going to be tough times and life is not always easy, but when you are able to focus on GOD and his plan for your life it's worth it.

tim tebow

2 Time National Champion & Heisman

Growing up, all I saw was broken peices;  but GOD took those broken peices and put them back together into something completely different...to make me whole again.

Darrin Ray

Amputee - Pastor

I did not grow up Christian.  As a studying astrophysicist I found that science heavily favored BIG BANG Cosmology which means our Universe had a beginning.  I studied all of the HOLY books and found only one to have zero inaccuracies.

Hugh Ross

Astro-Physicist - Trotter Prize Winner

My faith became my own in college.  It was at that point I had to decide if I was going to live it out.  The LORD has constantly revealed himself to me throughout my career.  I want others to look at me and know that I have faith as I try to live my life for Christ.

Allyson Felix

Athlete - 6x Olympic Medal Winner

I find that every day that I make my daily commitment to him and don't break that commitment, then the day works beautifully.  When I make his will my will.  1 out of every 5 people are prone to be chemically dependent and it happens many times quite innocently.

johnny cash

Musician - 20x Grammy Award Winner

GOD you said you had a plan for my life and I am just going to trust that.  Even if it is not meant for me to be famous, that's okay I am just going to follow your plan... All my accomplishments I consider loss without Jesus Christ.

tori kelly

Musician - Billboard, Disney, Award Winner

It felt like the world didn't accept me for who I was...and it hurt my heart.  While training for the 2012 Olympics, day after day I would come home from training just bawling, not having any outlet of peace.  I remember one day when I was looking down from the beam.  It's really hard to explain...

shawn johnson

Gymnast - 3x Olympic Medal Winner


Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen"

Hebrews 11: 1

YOUR seat at the ETERNAL table IS ready

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